Sunday, June 22, 2008

Copic Markers: Where to get them?

Well, I have had several questions about where I have bought my Copic Markers. These markers are from Japan and have been used by manga artists and architects for rendering for over 25years. They are refillable and you can change the writing nibs. You can also attach them to airbrush, but I haven't tried that yet.

Well, I get my Copic Markers online at Period Style and Merriartist. I also bought a few off Ebay.

Copics are wonderful markers. The colors are very vibrant and scan beautifully. If you are a stamper, you need to use a non solvent based ink. My favorite is a new ink called Memento. You also need a good quality heavy paper such as Neenah Classic Crest Cover(found at Xpedx) or Georgia Pacific Cardstock(at Walmart). These markers bleed through the card stock. That is how you know you are getting good coverage. I usually mount my finished image onto a card so you can't see the bleed through. The great thing about these markers is they can blend together making a seamless transition between colors. I am still learning how to blend these markers, but it sure is fun experimenting. There are lots of great tutorials online. This is a great one by a woman who works for Copic: I Like Markers.

Just remember that markers are not a permanent medium. Eventually over time they fade in the light. Most manga artist that use these markers for a living scan their artwork into a computer and then print it on high quality paper when they want a more permanent medium.

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