Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Day is Watercolor Sketch Day

If you have been following me the last week or so you know I have caught the watercolor sketchbook bug thanks to Andrea Gomoll.  Her online class was just what I needed to kick start my watercolor sketching.   Today was a snow day here in the northeast USA.

Thank goodness we got 10 inches and did not get the 30 inches they were predicting.  It did give me time in between shoveling the walkways to do some watercolor sketching.

I still do not have the journaling thing down.  I always feel foolish adding words to my sketches.


kiwimeskreations said...

I can understand your hesitancy in adding words to your sweet paintings!

Anonymous said...

You could do an overlay on transparent acetate or mylar with the text. That way you could have have the best of both worlds.

Irish Cherokee said...

Nicely done Cora. I think the words are perfect. - Jim

Teresa said...

Those are great! Have a good day! :)