Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Image Bonus 50

Yeah, 50 posts. It is hard to believe that I have enough to post 50 but I do. My collection has grown so large. I love to post my images and share them with all of you. So, I am constantly looking for new images. Thank you all for coming back week after week.
This week the images are from a Rimmel's almanac. I love these ladies. Each one is so unique. This must have been a giveaway with their makeup. It is from 1884.

As always feel free to use any image for your personal use and artwork only. Do not post the original images anywhere else on the net, but feel free to link anyone here. I ask that if you use one in your artwork that you link it back to this message so we can all enjoy it. Don't forget to enter for the blog candy in the 50th Saturday Image Bonus Celebration post.


Sandie R said...

These are lovely Cora and you are so generous. I guess I just don't get to the right places to find stuff like this.

Janny said...

Yhank you so much, they are beautiful!

Denise said...

These are so gorgeous! thanks so much for sharing!

~*~Patty S said...

Thank you for sharing such beautiful images and so many of them!