Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Letterpress Update.

So I called Quickutz and they have agreed to send me replacement plate for the ones I used in the Letterpress. Hopefully these will not crack. They told me to try the others sets I purchased and if they crack they will replace them. I have lots of testing to do. Anyway Kudos to Quickutz for standing behind their product.


dustypenny said...

That is nice of them. I bought one then returned it to the store.

BloomingPink said...

So, did you have any luck? I've been contemplating purchasing a Letterpress, but if they are cracking...then YIKES.

Let me know if the quality issues are resolved and you're having better success!

Shirley said...

Bought one, spent 3 days trying to get something to look good. Everything is great except the templates. I'm not ready to buy templates from another company. My stuff all went back till they do a better job. Sad. I was really excited about letterpress.