Friday, July 18, 2008

Glass Pebble Bracelets

So there has been a thread on SCS about Glass Pebble bracelets the last few days. Of course I had to try one. It was super easy to make. I happen to have all the supplies. I got the bracelet blank at Skybluepink a while ago. The glass pebbles are $2.99 for 2.75lb bag at Target (Vase Filler). I cut the paper with a small circle punch. I used Diamond Glaze to glue the paper to the pebble and Zap A Gap to glue it to the bracelet. They are super quick to make and would make a great craft fair item.


Katie said...

AWESOME!! I love these and appreciate the time you put into the tutorial. GOTTA try some! These would make a great class.

Katie B.

rbnwood said...

Thanks for sharing. This is lovely and it does look fairly easy.

Sue McGettigan said...

That's such a very pretty bracelet!