Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday Image Bonus 30

Wow, I can't believe I am up to 30 posts. It has been great finding and posting all of these images for you. Thank you to all who stop by each week. I also wanted to thank everyone who has listed me in their sidebar at their blog. I really appreciate all your kind words about the site. For those of you who may be thinking I may run out of images soon. Not a chance. I have thousands and of course my favorite flea market will be starting again soon. If there is type of image you are looking for let me know.

The images this week are all from various soap companies. I have included one of the backs because even then the claims of advertisers were amusing. As always feel free to use any image for your personal use only. I ask that if you use one that you link it back to this message so we can all enjoy your art.

In honor of this 30th post I hope all of you try to make something out of these images.

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Denise said...

These are sooo cute! thanks for sharing!